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Build 2352 - Linux builds, and many improvements
This update brings universal (x86 & x64) Linux builds along with fixes that should make the MacOS version actually work now. There are also lots and lots of tw...
3 files — 2352
html5 demo now live
After months of fiddling, I've finally got the html5 version of Prism working - you can play with it on the main app page. Note that performance isn't the great...
Build 1750 - Hello MacOS!
As of now, this is a multi-platform project! We now support MacOSX, and Linux builds are to come, too (hopefully Raspberry Pi as well somewhere further down th...
2 files — 1750
A little pixel painting
I did a little bit of painting for a mock-up platformer. Who knows, maybe I'll actually make it into a game (or a little game example, at the very least)
Build 1505 - Lots of audio improvements
Build 1505 has just gone live, this includes masses of audio changes, you can now play multiple voices (polyphonic audio), and create tracks and patterns for mu...
1 file — 1505
Build 1304 - lots of minor improvements
Another update with lots of small changes that move everything closer to being a fully usable system Added Screenshot key (F11) Added beginnings of UI libra...
2 files — 1189, 1304
Build 1189 - Improved Audio
Build 1188 is now available - this includes a rewrite of the Audio subsystem, and now lets javascript code tweak the Synthesizer, and make an assortment of unpl...
1 file — 1189
A First devlog - Painting with attributes
Welcome to the first Prism devlog. If you've been playing with Prism, hopefully you've discovered the Paint program that's included. If not, just run("paint...
1 file — 1010