Build 1750 - Hello MacOS!

As of now, this is a multi-platform project!  We now support MacOSX, and Linux builds are to come, too (hopefully Raspberry Pi as well somewhere further down the line)

Other than that there are lots of small changes and improvements under the hood.

Here's the full changelog

  * Experimental Mac build (Linux to come!)

  * Made window resizable and fullscreen-able (F10)

  * Logging output is now written to a text file (in user folder on Windows, 
    and findable via the Console app on Mac

  * require() won't let you open a .js file that doesn't define any exports    

  * Improved error reporting for run and require

  * Added raw screen buffer access,

  * Added command to reposition the mouse cursor

  * Added rudimentary console cmd history

  * Switched to ISO-8859-1 text encoding (single byte)

  * Added auto frameskip

  * Added halt command, and console aliases for reset/halt

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Version 1750 Jul 14, 2018 2.1 MB
Version 1750 Jul 14, 2018

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