Build 2944 - Raspberry Pi and VS Code Debugging

Build 2944 adds some new goodies - it's finally running smoothly on a Raspberry Pi3B (make sure you've got the GL driver enabled), and much better integration into Visual Studio Code (or code-oss if you're on a PI)

  • First Raspberry Pi preview release - currently only tested on a Pi3B.  Needs the full versions of Raspbian Stretch or Buster, may not work on "lite" versions.
  • Far better VS Code integration - if you're launching from the Itch app, you can click the "VS Code Workspace" button to launch VS Code with a ready built workspace.  Debugger support is also WIP - install the Duktape debugger plugin (which should get auto suggested by the workspace), run Prism, and do IO.debug("myfile") and select Debug -> Start Debugging in VS Code.   Breakpoints may or may not work, depending on platform!
  • Added new 'Welcome' screen on startup - this will eventually have tips, and options for quickly launching things
  • Lots of fixes and improvements to the built in Help viewer
  • Reorganised the default tile graphics set, into a 4x4 page layout - individual pages can be loaded in without loading the whole image.
  • Performance improvements in graphics renderer
  • Working towards getting an Android build working (it currently fails to initialise the graphics properly, so exists on startup)

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Version 2944 Jul 31, 2019 3 MB
Version 2944 Jul 31, 2019 2 MB
Version 2944 Jul 31, 2019 3 MB
Version 2944 Jul 31, 2019

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can i use the program in a rasp4? if i can i buy now

I’ve only tested it on a 3b, so I can’t say for certain it will work, but it should do

Any updates coming soon? I’ve been hoping for a new version for over a year now.

Yeah, sorry about that - as with any personal project, life mostly gets in the way!

There’s definitely lots of stuff planned, it’s just finding the time - so much time eaten by trying to get the Android version to run!

Is there anything I can do to help?