Build 2352 - Linux builds, and many improvements

This update brings universal (x86 & x64) Linux builds along with fixes that should make the MacOS version actually work now.  There are also lots and lots of tweaks and improvements to the whole system.

Here's the changelog for this update:

  • Added Universal (x86/x64) Linux build
  • Mac build should now actually work
  • Added some example game carts (try `runcart("zork")` or `runcart("genjiko")`)
  • New Layered Filesystem - packages and cartridges get mounted on top of the base filesystem.
  • Modified files now written into a user data folder, rather than into the application's folder
  • Moved some of the sample code out into packages
  • Tab completion for commands in the console
  • Added beginnings of ECS framework
  • Small improvements to Paint program
  • Many other smaller tweaks!    

Files 2 MB
Version 2352 Feb 24, 2019 3 MB
Version 2352 Feb 24, 2019 2 MB
Version 2352 Feb 24, 2019

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