sing-song ding-dong

a js13games 2019 entry by richard munn

Turfed out of your home for your awful singing, you must explore the Mysterious Caves, defeat the Mysterious Monsters, retrieve the Mysterious Musical Notes and collect the Mysterious Gems so that your songs might become a bit less awful.

A 80s inspired arcade action platformer set over four worlds, with over fourty stages of singing-at-beasties-and-jumping-on-their-heads action.

22nd place overall, 6th place in Mobile category, 6th place in Web Monetization category



Cursor keys to move, Space to jump, Left Alt to sing.

Gamepad / touchscreen:

DPad to move, right button to jump, left button to sing.

stats and credits:

  • code: 85680 bytes of js+html raw, 38328 bytes preprocessed and minfied, 8447 bytes zipped
  • graphics: 9474 bytes of pngs from, 4529 bytes optimised and crunched, 4511 bytes zipped
  • 95154 bytes in total crunched down to 13310 bytes (2 bytes under budget!) - ~14% of the original size
  • contains graphics based on various asset packs
  • audio based on code from
  • everything else built from scratch!

tools used:

  • vscode
  • for shrinking down and optimising pngs
  • advpng and advzip for crunching down pngs as far as possible
  • filepp to allow c style #define macros to customise my minification process
  • minify to actually minify the preprocessed html+js
  • gitlab for its excellent CI

You can find out more information about the technical side in the postmortem


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Any plans for an Android port?  It'd be great on the OUYA.

Tried "Support This Game" but it just loops me back to the homepage.