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textureificator.exe rulename input1=filename1.png input2=filename2.png out=merged.png


Textureificator.exe rgb+a rgb=lenna.png grey=greyalpha.png out=merged.png

Rules are defined in json files in the Rules folder - There are three examples supplied:

  • rgb+a - takes the RGB channels from one image ("rgb") and the alpha channel from a second greyscale image ("grey")
  • r+g+b - takes three greyscale images ("r", "g" and "b") and combines them into a single rgb image
  • stripalpha - takes an RGBA image ("rgba") and outputs a RGB image with the alpha stripped.

rgb+a.json :

  "sources": [
  "output": {
    "r": "rgb.r",
    "g": "rgb.g",
    "b": "rgb.b",
    "a": "grey.r"

Hopefully the rule files should be fairly self explanatory, but shout if you want to do something different, and I'll try and explain better!


  • Only tested with PNGs - uses .NET's image library, so will load/save anything it can handle. I've checked with paint.net and it appears that the rgb colours persist in fully alpha transparent areas, so it should be good to go, just convert the output into your compressed format of choice!
  • It expects all the images to be exactly the same dimensions, but doesn't care about colour format or powers of two, etc (assuming it manages to load the images)
  • Not particularly well optimised, and likely buggy, so your mileage may vary - let me know how it goes!

Known bugs:

  • Always seems to seems to save as png, no matter what format you specify with the file extension


  • Make an interactive UI for building rules files (need to find an easy to use node graph editor library first!)
  • Add additional nodes to flip/invert/etc


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