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This is an entry for the 'Game by its Cover' jam, based on  Rutherford Craze's entry for My Famicase Exhibition 2018, Nominal is a game about orbital mechanics and the laws of physics. Take on the role of a spacecraft commander, exploring the inner planets of the Solar System. Time your manoeuvres, optimise your fuel usage, and conquer the planets in this slow-paced puzzle for 1 player. 

I'll be blogging about the progress as things go along - currently I just have the artwork from here and a few pointers kindly provided by the designer.

About Prism

For this project, I'll be working within my Fantasy Console system Prism-384 - this gives the retro 8-bit-y style seen in the screenshots.

I'll be releasing the full (JavaScript) source to the game once it's finished, and you'll be able to download and play either as a runnable Cart within Prism itself, or via a stand-alone exe (For Windows, and hopefully MacOS)

Development log

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